Northside Scrap Metals

Northside Scrap Metals, Inc. is a family-owned business that has been operating on the north side of Pittsburgh since the turn of the 20th century. It began by Paul Warhola buying, sorting, and cleaning non-ferrous (non-magnetic) metals in the 1950’s and has grown into a thriving business today, owned and operated by Paul’s son Marty Warhola. To-date, Northside Scrap Metals (NSM) has served thousands of customers and kept millions of pounds of metal out of landfills.


The grappler attachment on NSM’s CAT excavator–which is critical to handling/moving scrap metal–was broken. With the broken grappler, NSM operators had difficulty safely handling the amount of material they process on a daily basis. 

Operational Challenge

The cost of a new attachment is approximately $15,000. NSM wanted a more cost-effective solution that would also solve their problem quickly. 


Marty Warhola approached Jack with the idea of fixing their broken grappler, instead of replacing it. The neighboring businesses began collaborating over Marty’s cardboard template of what they need to make their repair. Jack was able to produce the needed steel part in two days and get NSM back up to full operating capacity.


NSM was back up and running in very little time at a fraction of the cost of purchasing a new attachment. 

Jack will be our "go to” for this type of work in the future for a few reasons–good neighbors, friendly workers, quality work, and very understanding of what we were looking for in both lead-time and price.


–Marty Warhola, Northside Scrap Metal owner


Story Highlights

Jack Fabrication Company was able to turn a cardboard mockup into a fully functioning piece of equipment. Utilizing CAD software, plasma cutting raw steel plate, and welding. With Jack's help, North Side Scrap Metals was back up and running quickly and cost effectively.


Great Collaboration • CAD Mockups • Plasma Cutting • Welding • Robust Design • Save Money • Reliable and Timely Delivery • #MadeInPGH

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