At Jack, our cohesive teamwork helps defines us and we extend our team mentality to include our customers. The value of our equipment and services are truly amplified by our approach to our relationships. We seek opportunities with customers to utilize our talents and resources to achieve our customers' goals through a responsive, collaborative, honest, and flexible approach to our business.


Custom Fabrication, Construction,

Architectural, Heavy Equipment Manufacturing, OEM, Marine,

Mining, and Agricultural

We can produce parts to meet your specific needs. Whether it be integration into your assemblies or custom parts for specific jobs. Industry-specific examples include the following. With high oxyfuel and plasma cutting, along with in house threading and machining, we can service the various needs of builders and construction service providers. This includes custom brackets, complete assemblies, threaded rods in lengths to meet your requirements, and more. On the heavy equipment manufacturing and OEM side, we can be the missing part in your production line by making a part that doesn’t fall within your existing capabilities. For marine, mining, and agricultural business operators, we bring a proven playbook of solutions based on our experience with Patterson Manufacturing. We can make the part or parts you need to make your organization's workflow run more smoothly.


No matter your industry, Jack can work with your team to maximize production efficiency and get you the quality parts you need.​

We have earned our expertise on the rivers. Learn more about our roots and history of proven performance at Patterson Manufacturing.
Read our case studies to see how we work with customers to get it done.

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