Allegheny Commons Pond

Pittsburgh's oldest park, Allegheny Commons, dates to 1867 when it was designed to provide "breathing places" for the citizens of what was then the sooty city of Allegheny. The creation of the park reflected the 19th century movement to beautify American cities and improve urban living conditions, like the well-known predecessor New York's Central Park. It took eight years to execute the original park plan, which included lawns, tree-lined paths, fountains, benches, a picturesque lake, monuments, and over forty varieties of trees, thirty varieties of shrubs, and tens of thousands of bulbs.


Vandals were repeatedly opening a drain valve which let out all of the water from the park’s pond.

Operational Challenge

The serial vandalism was hurting the park’s resources and impacting the community. Refilling the pond costs time and money, and when the pond was empty, visitors would miss out on that signature feature of the park. So finding a way to keep vandals out while still letting water to pass through was key.


Located just around the corner from the park, Jack Fabrication Company employees noticed the pond being empty from time to time. So they volunteered their services and resources to design and produce drain covers or “cages” to the city.

The cages are waterproof, durable, and accessible with a key for park-authorized maintenance.


Allegheny Commons no longer has issues with the pond water being drained unintentionally, and Jack initiated a successful, neighborly collaboration with the park managers.


Story Highlights

Jack Fabrication Company was able to help the City of Pittsburgh prevent vandalism, save money, and improve the experience of park-goers. Utilizing plasma cutting raw steel plate, welding, and galvanizing. Jack was able to design and fabricate custom valve covers to protect against unintentional draining of Lake Elisabeth in the Allegheny Commons Park.


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